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We welcome users to comment and discuss issues within Buena Park and Uptown. We offer this as a free exchange of information and request that you adhere to our Rules. In order to make this experience enjoyable and informative for everyone involved we have created some guidelines, please take a moment to review our rules before posting to the Discussion Board.
**Do not post any lewd, obscene or malicious messages aimed to slander anyone for any reason.
**Absolutely no profanity.
**Absolutely NO pornography.
**No advertisements or solicitation of the sales of any products.
Please remember to respect each other and others ideas and opinions.
The BPN Board reserves the right to delete any message that violates these rules. If a user persists breaking the rules they will be barred from posting to this site.
To report abuse of these rules please email us. The BPN Board will review the posting to determine if the offending message should be removed and possibly be barred from posting messages.
These rules are subject to change and interpretation by the BPN Board.

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